Quotes from the Book

Greetings from the author!

Cross Haired ! Bulls Eye !

Collective, organized and cattle trenched low lives, assembled animal rightist brainless , climate protection ignorants, rioting and plundering mob and their supporters and instigators, equality and social justice rabble, nihilistic deformed intellectuals with limited 3/8 wannabee knowledge , " good for nothings" , species of inferior value if any value at all and then even below of ZIM Dollars, celebrity and influencer larva and journalist lemures, quota whores, aesthetic Waranes, bluffers and puffed up movers and shakers, main stream media mob and cultural lumpen-proletariat, eternal corner boys and -girls of all kind of ethnic or social groups stuck in your mud and any other human rabble which did raise its empty and useless head since May 1789: No mercy, no clemency, no pardon! 

Governed by gangsters, goofs, goons, and psychopaths. Surrounded by covidiots, rubber lions and cowards. Only one direction: onward! 

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