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Cross Haired ! Bulls Eye !

Collective, organized and cattle trenched low lives, assembled animal rightist brainless , climate protection ignorants, rioting and plundering mob and their supporters and instigators, equality and social justice rabble, nihilistic deformed intellectuals with limited 3/8 wannabee knowledge , " good for nothings" , species of inferior value if any value at all and then even below of ZIM Dollars, celebrity and influencer larva and journalist lemures, quota whores, aesthetic Waranes, bluffers and puffed up movers and shakers, main stream media mob and cultural lumpen-proletariat, eternal corner boys and -girls of all kind of ethnic or social groups stuck in your mud and any other human rabble which did raise its empty and useless head since May 1789: No mercy, no clemency, no pardon! 

Governed by gangsters, goofs, goons, and psychopaths. Surrounded by covidiots, rubber lions and cowards. Only one direction: onward! 

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Time to introduce an outstanding Russian philosopher and reactionary of the finest style. He was an outstanding legal scholar, constitutional expert, philosopher and advised three czars. Active in the 2nd half of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century he was the supreme procurator of the "Holy synod", the civil administrative body of the Orthodox Church in Russia. Konstantin  Pobjedonoszew his name. After first supporting liberal reforms started by Czar Alexander II. he recognized that being futile as nihilistic and socialist terrorism intensified leading to the murder of this Czar. His son, Alexander III. under his influence stucked to unapologetic autocratic rule and was successful in it. That also physically powerful and energetic Czar died surprisingly in the age of 49 and his son Nikolaus II. ascended the throne. Well meaning but weak he could not stop Russia entering the left leaning slippery slope. After revolts and turmoil's and a lost war against Japan forced the czar to concede a constitutional monarchy K. P.  resigned. Asked in the 1880s by Leo Tolstoy for clemency towards terrorist assassins he answered:" Whilst studying your letter I recognized that your faith with my one, this is the faith of the Church has nothing in common and that my Christ is not your Christ. My Christ is a man of strength and truth  healing the weak and your one seems to be a weakling only who has to be healed himself."  That ad notam  of  all kind of jacobinistic priests of the riff-raff running around today. f all kind of 

If we look at the world only autocratic rule by the head of the legitimate dynasty makes sense preventing the rule by gutter-rats.


"To the ruler over all Russians belongs the one and unlimited power. Fear as well as responsibility - imposed by God himself- are the fundament of obeying that power."

That is article I of the Fundamental Law of Czarist Russia 1825 and legal base for Pobjedonoszews considerations. "Autocracy' means that the ultimate reason of ruling lies in the ruler himself being the head of the dynasty which by divine providence and consecration is entitled to rule a certain state and nation or group of states and nations.

The bankruptcy of all participatorily and totalitarian political systems is evident.

What does autocracy mean today?

First of all, recognizing that the human is a dramatic existence, on the one side faulty and capable of evil but on the other side capable of the most noble and ingenious deeds. That means the negative side must be reigned in and the positive side supported by proper institutions.

Second of all, the constitutional and the whole legal and moral order is based on traditional Catholic or Orthodox faith, meaning a Spirit of freedom and responsibility. Second, the head of the dynasty rules responsible to God only but listening to the advice and council of a senate formed of representatives of traditional elites, academics in the classic sense and other, standing out with exceptional achievements in various fields, be it art, science, technics or enterprising activities.

As ambition in the public realm has only a limited place the danger of abuse of power and corruption is limited. As ruler and person with status and power are materially responsible to God and have to act within the legal and moral order abuse of power and arbitrary rule can be recognized easily and opposed. Also, the elite is formed in a spirit of faith, responsibility, independence, and courage. Constitution understood as natural law of divine origin positive legislation is limited and therefore abuse by positivistic-relativistic- nihilistic legislation. That all means that the realm of political decisions is limited. The ruler is absolute but minimalistic in practice.

The state is organized federally with a high degree of self-government on municipal level and within entities organizing common interest like business chambers, trade unions and so on.

Only on this level, repeat only on this level voting rights exist for all married men over the age of 25 and all married women having born at least two children (as women only after birth of the second child come to their senses and start behaving adult). Men receive additional vote for every non-adult daughter and every mistress they can erotically and materially maintain and women for every non-adult son. Voting rights cease with a divorce or separation of marriage as if couples cannot mange their relationship how can we expect from them to vote reasonable? If excellent reasons exist voting rights may be extended to ladies and gentlemen not fulfilling these conditions but excelling in other  realms (art & culture , science, martial virtues, academia, research, philanthropic organisation, leading enterprises,  commerce).

Strict separation of statutory right and duties between citizens and non-citizens but tolerant immigration regime for all qualified and well-meaning persons.

Fundamental rights and duties within the frame of traditional Catholic or Orthodox faith and the principles of Roman law and Greek philosophy. This confers on every adult freedoms and responsibilities.

Religious tolerance only for respectable other religions (like Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism). Totalitarian and nihilist cults (like communism, climate protection, veganism, feminism, evolutionism) and dark religions (like satanism, mohammedanism) are outlawed.

State administration minimalistic, under rule of economy and under strict order of the rulers and his representatives.

Courts of Law independent from political interference and judges drawn from the circle of various traditional elites.

Volunteer army with officers drawn from the circle of various traditional elites.

Currency on gold or silver standard. Balanced budget. Low taxes, only income tax between 2 and 10 %, VAT 55 and corporate tax 5%. No other levies, fees, and customs.

Free market economy within a general framework provided by statutory law and on a level below negotiations of entities of organized interests. Property rights of all kinds are recognized and protected.

As a general rule: In particularibus libertas et ordo, in publicis ordo et libertas. 

Stories from the pc wonderland 

I have been told that the US has a new president, a certain Mr Joseph Biden.

It is said that he gained an incredible amount of votes in totally free, fair, clean an unrigged elections. Although the president in office - a cruel and evil dictator i had been told - gained nearly 10 million votes more than 2016. 

I have been told dead did raise from their graves to vote - surely a miracle caused by the charisma of Mr Biden - and millions of mail votes magically flew into the voters station. All statistical rules and assumptions from the past had been overturned. Obviously superior spiritual forces support the anointed progressive great leader or maybe BIG BROTHER .That is a sign from above. Believe !! Believe!! 

And his Vice-president who looks like a handsome Spanish or Italian lady with many Nordic ancestors (with a skin tone like me tanned under the glorious South African sun) is "fiat Raza!" an Afro-American, a black women in pc  lingo. And more: A woman although sexes do not exist, an Afro-American although looking  like a sun tanned Nordic and an Asian-American. A marvellous trinity of political correctness (3 in 1 and surely some unholy spirit of wonkiness is working in her) ,   Miracles over miracles . We must be grateful and happy! 


Of all the fanatic supporters and voters no one actually came but had been substituted by US flags standing in line and at attention like SA in Nuremberg or Iwans in the Red square on October revolution parade. 

It is said that the beloved, great and magic leader who can walk on water and heal the sick by wearing a mask was protected by 25,000 soldiers against the forces of evil consisting of a few dozen forest-fuzzies .

It is said by 99.99% of journos, celebs and experts and pundits that now paradise is coming .

How we will enjoy coming years ...

Sure. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Just a short deliberation 

Warning! In all considerations of public security especially for prominent politicians , whatever you do. "The sniper always gets through". This is a sad fact. Sometimes only prayers remain . We shall always remember, our lives are in the hand of the Almighty and therefore remain decent and modest. Especially true for all C-19 rulers .... Please note the absolute correct mask right in the face of the soldier. 

No further explanation 

Murder of a king 

On 21st of January 1791 Louis XVI. Rex Galliae Navarrae , the King or France was murdered by being sentenced to death by the so called National assembly and put under the guillotine . Many, many to follow under the organized mass murder and genocide caused by the French revolutionaries .We  do not forget. Republics are evil ! Vive la Ancien regime! 

Critical race theory 

Nonsense, dangerous nonsense form the cultural nihilists and Marxists. Basically it says "Whitey is always guilty and darkie always innocent , discriminated , suppressed, mistreated, annoyed ... whatever. It tells darkies that they have no chance and of course need the help of progressive organisations   and state bureaucracies to advance. Mortal sins like sloth, avarice and envy are advanced with it. No surprise Mr Joseph Biden likes to advance that with a presidential executive order (EO) . No ways; militant opposition has started. 

#endlockdowns, #endtesting, #endvaccinations

The nonsense hat to stop. And every politician and every civil servant ordering tyrannical measures to fight a non existing epidemy, every journalist from msm  propagating hysteria and all covidiots swallowing this nonsense and obey sheepishly are my POLITICAL ENEMIES .Full stop, finish & klaar.  Freedom of the masses ... a new slavery and serfdom!

Quote from www.takimag.com 18.1.2021      "..the virus has become an industry. Eric Hoffer noted that in America "what starts out here as a mass movement ends up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation." In the case of Covid, we have all three, thanks to the ruling class selling this so hard to damage Trump's re-election effort. Covid is now a multibillion-dollar industry with a very large religious following. Reeling that back in will take a long time."      Exactly ! 

An interesting liberal voice

Admitted. Cats are not liberal. To the contrary they are arbitrary spongers and anarchists as far as they refuse any rule of orders. But fascinating like the cats MURR and MUCIUS  in E T A Hoffmann's story about the memories of a proud cat. And most times a fine aesthetic view. 

Are we living in the time of a global totalitarian cult or even more than one, interconnected cults? Like C-19  or climate change holds together by the wish of a total centralized and global command economy and command system destroying any border or difference between public and private sphere and based on most modern technical means of control and surveillance. Highly interesting and well formulated and balanced analysis you find on Youtube >> Gunnar Kaiser TV, www.kaisertv.de and www.gunnarkaiser.de     Islands of reason and courage must be formed against the global cults! 

On stupidity  

"Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens." (With stupidity even Gods fight in vain) 

Friedrich von Schiller, (1759 - 1805), Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller, ab 1802 von Schiller, German Doctor, poet, writer, philosopher and historian. One of the most eminent German writers and  dramatists 

Source:  Schiller, Die Jungfrau von Orleans. Eine romantische Tragödie,( Jean d 'Arc - a romantic tragedy)  1801. 3. act, scene 6 , Talbot

I rest my case. 

Another king's murder

29th of January 1649.After a puritan show trial under the tyrant Oliver Cromwell King Charles I. of England and Scotland is executed. But some years later his son, Charles II. is restored as King and the traditional constitution and liberties established. The rotten body of Oliver C is exhumed, hanged, beheaded, quartered and the various pieces stuck on pikes. Well done! 

#endlockdown, #endtesting, #endvaccination . May anyone explain to me why all Bolshie minded intellectuals and influencers and assembled failed existences support the most strict measures against all evidence and serious scientific advice?  From "Coronadura" to a world wide totalitarian nanny regime with  a big brother, maybe Mr Klaus Schwab.

And the cat is asking:" Dear Lord, why are all so stupid?" 

Suppression is freedom, war is peace, want is plenty and stolen elections are fortified elections.

A very instructive and detailed article from TIME magazine www.time.com  describing how  the establishment - basically all who sensed DT as a dangerous intruder and enemy of the swamp and cosy political traditions - plus a lot of left leaning organisations organized to steal the elections. Recipe: Basically you use irrational fears of Covid to issue millions of mail votes ( which nobody can control who really voted and get them sent in )and you flood the voting organisation with partisan poll officers. Schwuppdiwup you created a surge of millions of Biden voters, you prepare the public that counting may take a very long time and then you count every vote. Revealing, not every vote done according to the rules , the lawful  vote but every vote. Brilliant. And after having succeeded they tell us how they did it.  There are things even me as an old cynical war horse do surprise. But if there was such a surge in voting why did those voters not manifest themselves by open support of JB ?  Why this very large organisation could go unnoticed? DT obviously had a clue but many others did sleep. Questions? Who asks is a fascist!  Attached the instructive article from TIME  dated 4.2.2021. 

Anecdotes from the world of Corona madness 

The great German legal and constitutional scholar Carl Schmitt  was fascinated how friend-foe relationships can develop ( "Der Begriff des Politischen" (The essence of the political) and concluded that everything can become a political question  and anything object of a friend-foe constellation. With all due respect I was in the past sceptical; everything, really anything? Carl, you overstate, overdue and exaggerate! NOW I have to apologize, Carl you had been right!  The next Civil war will be between mask wearers   and anti-maskeros. Read through the article from www.ronpaulinstitute.org  Wear the mask in all National parks of the US while hiking! Order by JB!

Dr Drostlove or how I learned stop worrying and to love the virus

A necessary film hopefully to come & we will have a good laugh. If we survive all the desperate measures to save us. The concept could be that in the future Tanzanians tell slightly befuddled the story how the world turned mad and went down. Tanzanian archaeologists undug  strange artefacts of a certain cult in which a certain Dr Drosten was either the prophet or a major god and worshipped by  staying at home, keep a physical distance of strictly 200 cm  and wear a cover on the face which purpose the learned Tanzanians have not yet found out. Some say it served as protection against infections but  most academics oppose this  theory as being too ridiculous. "We know, Europeans of the beginning 21st century had been wacky but not  as 'gaga' as some extremist scholars maintain.

Background in earnest: Tanzania as  the only state in the world refuses to take part in the hysteria and ignores C-19, recommended measures, testing and vaccination. Result: Nothing, really nothing. Live goes on as usual and the little Corona devil seems to have magically disappeared. Note: if not, if a really serious health crisis would happen there we all would be bombarded every day with catastrophic news. Or ??? Same with Thailand. The cat - see background - remains sceptic ......

Mary, Queen of Scots ( and Catholic) beheaded on command of the vile usurper Elisabeth Boleyn ( being whatever but not  virgin) on 8th of February 1587; 433 years ago. Time to reflect what legitimacy and one, by  the will of God 'affixed' dynasty means .... 

SITTOPERA www.sittopera.co.za plans to produce Donizetti's "Maria Stuarda" this September in Johannesburg.  

How Many Americans Has the American Medical Establishment Killed?

Dennis Prager | Posted: Feb 09, 2021 12:01 AM www.townhall.com 

Dennis Prager is one of the most rational, reserved , balanced commentators .Even more revealing what he writes about a Medical establishment obviously in panic or with blinkers on + wooden board in from of face. 

Why do lefties win ?? 

- well organized and excellent in networking, collectivism is sometimes an advantage.
-excellent in the  "art of little pissers "& walking on others nerves.
-able to concentrate on one issue and nothing else, only the political, ideological  results count whatever the result is (therefore starving millions on peasants to death under Stalin and Mao was a success).
- unrestrained in organized lying.
- absolute will to power. 

Righties are  or possess:

- individualistic and single fighters.
- gentlemen even in combat.
- viewing  a plurality of issues and are interested in results within the real world.
- committed to truth and balanced opinions.
-Desinvulture in their to rule and power.

No further surprise!


News for the heretics and all who like to become one confronting the sinister c-19 cult.

www.corona-ausschuss.de      www.aerztefueraufklaerung.de     Interview with MD Dr Dy on www.wochenblick.at                           

The future of political rule: 

The totalitarian state governess: intellectually childish, unable to a rational debate , seeing the citizens  as petulant minors, narrow minded, overbearing in finally ineffective care, quick with slap on the hand and little punishments, no long term perspective,   living from the substance, unable  to build something up, prone to command economy and all forms of cultural nihilism. Andrea Merkl, Ursula Leyen, Sebastian Kurz (is he really male or a-sexual?)  (no, she doe not deserve the noble title), the in the US 1st woman/South Asian/black/African American/person of colour/whatever nihilists get excited, name oh Kamala Harris   commanding this Joseph Biden around and so on .... 

Useful  ( in German language) websites to escape the daily totalitarian brainwash

AUSTRIA: You know that the police again banned anti gvt demonstrations and they  now isolated Tyrol ( for the appearance there of a quite obscure South African virus mutant) with police and military BUT against illegal immigrants no remedy exists. The Austrian government should be kicked out of office and all its members tried for treason, advocating and establishing tyranny. Don't complain, fight! 

Just some questions and considerations ......

Wearing a mask   ( any kind of face cloth, called by bad bad people also "face diaper") is compulsory. But serious studies since February last year tell that only respirators of type FFFP3 or similar due to their texture help against viral infections. What sense does this rule make ? 

Keep distance of 1.5, 1.8, 2.0 m. I learned already as child if you sneeze or cough you stay at home or keep distance and warn other people that you got a flu. Why should healthy, repeat healthy people distance ? 

Wash your hands regularly. Was told so as a child to keep clean. Must we really tell people basic hygienics? 

Sometimes people without C-19 symptoms are called symptomless sick . Aren't you healthy if you develop no symptoms of a disease ?

CR tests are even now by WHO called unreliable and not fit for diagnosis (my sources tell that since April last year) . The steps go as follows: positive tested can mean 'wrong ' positive. Does not mean and infection. A man is infected if a " whole virus is in his body able to multiply and actually multiplying". Infection does not mean sick or even infectious as the normal human immune system can in most cases cope with an infection. Why are positive tested since many months against all evidence called 'infected' ?

Nightly curfew. Is the C-19 virus night active ? 

The human immune system is a learning, adapting, flexible system. As such it needs the daily confrontation, meaning  going out and contacts to stay in shape. Why then stay at home and avoid contacts?

Vitamin D (also C) and Zinc help to support the immune system. Vitamin D deficiency and vulnerability to flu or C-19 infections go hand in hand. Why dot  not gvt's recommend taking those vitamin tablets? 

Mutants of the virus. By my reliable expert sources i was informed already in April last year that mutations with flu and corona viruses are normal. NOW big surprise and within a few days it is stated that the mutants are much more infectious. How was that measured ? 

If we relate to the public (including of course private institutions) health institutions. Danger of overburdening shall be avoided. That is reasonable. Therefore number of hospital beds and ICU beds count in comparison with number of people who actually must be hospitalized or be put in an ICU. Why are not these numbers reported and analysed ? Why failing in building up additional hospital capacities ? 

All kind of restrictions and "lockdowns".  Proven by reliable studies to be useless. Why not listening to real experts ?

Systematic restrictions and violations of fundamental rights . Why are the protests small and in addition by gvt propaganda and main stream media maligned and put into the  "Nazi'-corner? 

MSM spread panic and disinformation, the opposite of a responsible, balanced reporting. What is the role of msm?

Demolition of small and medium businesses by 'lock downs". Who profits from all that jazz? 

Negative health consequences caused by C-19 measures , fear, depressions, delayed operations and necessary medical treatments in other areas. Why is this not evaluated? 

Since  March 2020 normal flu disappeared. Statement of the AUSTRIAN Minister of Health. This is because our measures are so effective against flu. If so, why they do not work against C-19 ?

Protecting high risk groups especially elderly and fragile people. Excellent. Why then setting them in panic and fear ? is that healthy for old people ? 

Sorry, I apologize .. just asking for a friend! 

That is "Rudi" Anschober vulgo 'Angstschieber' (fear driver) , AUSTRIAN Minister of Health, one of the biggest cretins causing C-19 razzmatazz and a public danger charlatan. Should be deposed from office, court martialled and put to the wall! Not the only one!

And in between some wonderful & beautiful & elegant ladies in order to gain spirits!


"Of all political activities the most dangerous one was and is the blind and panicked kicking around of a bureaucracy gone mad"  Ernst von Salomon, Der Fragebogen (The questionnaire)

True, so true .... 

The nonsense of eternal chatting and twittering ..

Already 1029 Carl Schmitt, the famous German scholar on constitutional and international Law revealed this organised nonsense in his satiric writing "Buribunken" as follows:  "I  write, therefore I am, I am therefore i write .What do i write? i write about myself. What is the content of my writing? i write that i write myself. What is the great motor which raises me out of the self indulging circle of me-ness? History! I am therefore a letter on the typewriter of history. i am a letter writing itself.  "

99 percent of all online chatting destroyed with that. It pays off to define enemies! 

On the limits of judiciary in times of an elementary crisis, like C-19 crises ( cause not by a virus but by the responses of various states and international organisations). 

 "You may give  the judge  a certain liberty but you cannot confer to him the political decisions which are within the legislators competence without changing his constitutional positions."

Actions or non-actions by courts in C-19 matters and the US presidential elections explained. Jurists don't touch hot potatoes ….. (or if so, only as attorneys). 

Enjoyable reading on a relaxed weekend and a chance to enjoy stylish, elitist, conservative intellectuals and no one riding the totalitarian C-19 wave. www.takimag.com   

Have you ever seen the Karlskirche (St Charles Cathedral)  in Vienna? 

Not named after Emperor Charles VI., under whose rule this glorious Baroque Church was erected 1st half of 18th century. But after St Karl Borromeo. And who was he ? He was Archbishop of Milano in the 1st half of the 17th century, Cardinal of the Church and a very intense and strict reformer, at that time that meant to get away from sluggishness and sloppiness .When a real epidemy, the plague broke out and the then Spanish authorities   unable to cope he organized the fight against the plague, with his clergy he organized the necessary measures, both material and spiritual. And what are the higher functionaries of the Church doing today ? They close the churches, blindly obey every gvt nonsense and are silent and leave the people alone in these depressing and turbulent times.  I never imagined that I could despise a certain class of "higher religious functionaries' so much. 

I am in great mood and humbly thank Almighty God for the good live I enjoy within this C-19 madness. And I think of and do something for people hit hard by C-19 measures. But in general "Pas de prisoneurs" .No prisoners, no mercy, no clemency for all responsible for a world -wide Corona Bolshevism. 

His AIR Charles of Austria, head of the Hapsburg family on "Megan & Harry with Oprah". 

No further comment necessary! By Bye Mr & Mrs Sussex...

Real 1st class nobility!

My condolences to the Zulu Royal family & the Zulu nation on the decease of His Majesty , King Goodwill

Pick Your Poison: Impaired Biden or President Kamala

From www.townhall.com  13.3.2021  .I always said the election was stolen (the Republicans caught napping), Joseph Biden senile and Kamala Harris poisonous.

You Know the Android Lt DATA from Spaceship Enterprise ( in German I call it Raumschiff Entensteiss) >peculiar that some politicians appear very similar like in Austria Kurz, Bluemel, Nehammer and , in France Macron, in Germany Spahn, in the EU Leyen. Robotlike appearance, sociopathic behaviour and appearing  remote controlled and instead of a vivid face full of expressions and mimic  a motionless mask. Have they already be replaced ? Just asking ....

Vaccinations toxic?

Of course, vaccinations make in some cases sense and have improved both public and private health enormous ( fe smallpox, measles) . Since June 2020 real experts warn to bring vaccines on the market which had been under enormous political pressure produced under high time pressure and without all the necessary testing. These warnings had been ignored, of course! Now with f e ASTRAZENECA we experience in Europe serious problems and the toxicity is much higher and negative side effects much more serious then with tried &tested vaccines.  

Stop the nonsense! But in Austria they go on with it! I DEMAND that all politicians responsible for the C-19 razzmatazz (Peoples party, green-alternative, socialist) from all level of gvt (National, federal states, municipalities) , all journalists ( especially "Heute' and "Krone") who  create with their irresponsible reporting hysteria and fear and depression among the people and all civil servants who willingly obey the C-19 tyranny get vaccinated with ASTRAZENICA under supervision of a notary ( no swindle possible!!)  and then we have a look ...

Turidu, Turidu 

In my beloved Austria the C-19 rulers have hatched out something great. They want to control every assembly or meeting. BUT they make exceptions like  >>>>> " No regulations on meetings of not more than 5 people from no more than 3 households plus 6 minors".  Makes sense ! Huzzah!

Mrs & Mrs Sussex (Johnny's they are, see below  )

From www.takimag.com  (20.3.2021 or annus secundus covidiae ) written by "Taki" Theodoracopulos, publisher of "Takimag" magazine, "High Live" column writer , millionaire & playboy , Grand High Dalai Lama of the combination of sport & Champagne therefore highly qualified 

GSTAAD-Some of you may have noticed I have not commented at all about the running soap opera and latest brouhaha concerning the Halfwit and Meghan Macbeth. That's because I decided long ago the best way to counter their publicity machine is to never mention them. But I've also done something most of the hacks writing about the couple have not: I've been a guest on Oprah's show twice, once by my little old self for a whole one hour. Although wince-inducing, squirming, cringeworthy, and gushing, the Oprah show is always designed with a theme to it, but more important, with a hook. The hook is what will make peoples' ears prick up, what will keep the tale relevant, for example, racism in the Palace, and in this case, what made the hook kosher was the baby Archie story. "Black or white, the royals demanded to know, and that's what we're gonna hang the whole thing on," I can hear Oprah telling the two geniuses.

Make no mistake about it, that show was rehearsed, main points agreed upon, and then reviewed for any "gotcha" details that may have escaped the trio and a battalion of extras. Everything on American television is a lie: canned laughter, fake spontaneity, false news, misleading advertisements. So why not rehearsed interviews? They sell millions of dollars of teeth whiteners that don't work, hair-growing lotions that don't grow hair, youthful-skin products that don't stop wrinkles-why not sell a bit of racism among the Windsor's?

Although I'm told she acted sycophantically toward the couple, Oprah is a mini-tyrant on and off the set. If some unknown addresses her without Sammy Glick-like subservience, she acts as if a lowly Nubian slave had somehow approached Queen Nefertiti and asked her for a date after a swim in the Nile. She also knows how to turn on the charm and is a self-made-billionaire black American female, no small achievement. Here's how we got together.

"Oprah is a self-made lady who realized earlier than most that self-centeredness had become the most cherished value in American minds."

It was 1982 and I had written an anti-American-feminist article for TAS that appeared under the heading "American Women Are Lousy Lovers." It certainly caught the eye of many people, except I had written nothing about the sex act, just the American habit of high-pitched screeching, not to mention the granite looks, large teeth, aggressive posturing, and lack of femininity. The Phil Donahue show paid for a first-class ticket from Athens to Chicago, all expenses paid with a return to the birthplace of selective democracy, for one hour, thirty minutes of my time. Although training for the European karate championships at the time, I accepted. It was late September. The Donahue show went well because I turned the audience against him and pro-me when I defended my case of keeping mistresses but never divorcing my loyal wife. "Unlike you, Phil, we Europeans do not change wives for a new model, like a car, every year. We put them on a pedestal, worship them, and have our fun on the side. Didn't you get rid of the mother of your four children last year for a new model?" "You son of a bitch," exploded Donahue, but the mostly aged female audience began cheering for me.

After the show Oprah was on the telephone. It was a natural. Before going on the air she asked what I thought of black women. I told her. "The audience will be very interested in what you think of black women," she said. (That was the hook.) That audience was 50 percent African-American. This was Chicago, after all. On the air I told her I liked black women because they were whores in bed, ladies in the drawing room, and great cooks in the kitchen (the old German cliché). She went wild. I was her hero in 1982. Five years later, not so much.

This time, she flew a friend and me to Chicago from New York. The theme was older men who date younger women. My buddy, a Vietnam veteran who was highly decorated, was not too shifty upstairs. "Why go out with an old bag when..." The women in the audience began hissing. A diplomatic Taki saved the day by announcing that mature women would never date bums like us, whereas innocent youngsters might. Oprah was not best pleased, but the ladies were. The hook had not worked. The next invitation to appear on Oprah will be during the next life.

I believe it was Abe Lincoln who predicted that America would become a great superpower whose demise would come by suicide. Like a venereal disease uncontrollably spreading, wokeness will cause the final collapse of the republic. Major publications owned by white billionaires are digging America's grave, spreading the poison that white is evil and has to be eradicated along with white history, white art, white literature, and white movies. Oprah is a self-made lady who realized earlier than most that self-centeredness had become the most cherished value in American minds. Nothing else mattered but me, me, me, me. As long as thirty years ago, the "Oprahization" of America was discussed in these here pages. H and MM were naturals for her. A dysfunctional family is to Oprah what a French fortified town is to a Panzer commander: meat for the taking. Narcissism is to TV what Paganini was to the violin. Meghan will one day replace Oprah as America's auntie, will make billions, and will permit Harry to graze peacefully at a California farm. You read it here first.

Some things never change ....

"  The vain hope that the Covid shutdown would end before Christmas 2020 faded out ....Smart folk drank a lot, because there was little else to do, no books to buy, no films or theatres to visit , no sport or radio entertainment or social life... even in great houses the small talk was bleak. ... They found that the experience of epidemic made everyone abandon thought for the future. ... they occupied themselves with the demands of the moment."

Politics and synchronized media speak about  final victory and discipline and "durchhalten" (holding out)

A report from  March 2021 ?   

I admit, I manipulated. The quotes are verbally from Max Hastings, Armageddon ,The battle for Germany 1944-45 .I just changed war with epidemic and shutdown. 

Peculiar how similar ... 

Might end in a similar disaster! And you know, you Corona-sissies and brainwashed idiots, it serves you well!

A jewel from Austrian C-19 legislation: Assemblies of peoples are excluded from regulation if "not more than 5 people from not more than 3 households meet, in addition 6 minors are admitted" You cannot make that up. Crazy!

"Der Rosenkavalier" , new production at Bayrische Staatsoper .

Director: Barrie Kosley.

Was online streamed on Sunday, 21st of March.

Judgment: First of all congratulations to the singers, beautiful voices. But this is the only positive one can say about this production. 

It is awful, ugly, primitive, stupid, a deliberate rape of one of the most beautiful Operas. Instead of leading us into the stunning realm of Eros Barrie Kosley leads us into the despicable dungeon of pornography. Nothing is right, not the play, not the styling of the characters, not the stage set, not the dresses , nothing, nothing , nothing! Seldom you can say that about a production. BK who defines himself as "gay Jewish kangaroo" is in his mind as ugly as he looks like , he is a cultural Marxist and Nihilist of the worst kind. A megalomaniac destroyer of culture, this production is to borrow a phrase from Egon Friedell a pale, sly vampire attack on one of the greatest works. What a pigsty todays Germany is. 

And one word to the useless woman introducing the opera maintaining  that the set plays in Vienna of the year 1740. No, you ignorant nothing, it plays in the first years of the reign of Empress Maria Theresia after the peace treaty of Aachen 1748, a fair guess would be around 1750. Why ? The Ochs tells us that Faninal became rich due to army deliveries to todays Belgium, then the Austrian Netherlands so this was the time of the war of the Austrian succession. And the Field Marshal of Werdenberg is not in the field commanding an army but on his hunt down in Croatia. Another strong hint that it is a time of peace. I pity the singers who suffered under his direction. And one more: To be Jewish alone is not making the evening! As Karl Kraus - great Austrian critic and himself of Jewish descent - said : "Kick the scoundrel out of town"!

 SITTOPERA (TM) revenge will be: We produce the "Rosenkavalier" 2022 at the Rand Club in old fashioned classic style with glorious Zandile Mzazi as Marschallin ! www.sittopera.co.za

Germany under the spell of "Fuehrerbefehl" again!

Today i received a stunning document. It starts with the words " The Federal Chancellor and the heads of governments of the Federal States make the following decision.."

No, absolutely no reference to the constitution, to applicable acts or laws, to the rule of Law. Nothing. The whole fundamental (Human) rights of the constitution thrown into the dustbin.

Art 20 (3) GG (Grundgesetz  > Constitution) " Legislation is bound to the constitutional order, the executive branch and judicative branch bound to acts and the law."

With this decision  article 20(3) GG is abolished. And they want to confine for 5 days in Easter week all, yes I repeat all Germans and inhabitants into their homes. A mass arrest of  about 80 million people. Totally gaga? 

And .. protests of MSM, of jurists, of judges .. where are they?

A small, pity minded, cunning, devious , slimy, intriguing, narrow minded, no-nothing,  former Communist youth functionary for propaganda  has achieved. Neo-Bolshie tyranny in the name of hygienic . Bravo ! 

Either Germans rise or they are really the accumulation of fellahs living in their on dirt wanting to be slaves! In that case, no mercy. History has then no place for them. 

Art 20(4) GG: Against everyone who endeavours to abolish this order all Germans have the right to resistance if other remedies  are not possible." 

Time for a Stauffenberg , but now with a lot more of TNT! 


Lockdowns have killed millions, put in fear, in depressions, in despair, into misery, joblessness, loose of wealth, loose of secure existence, of freedom, of independence, of income, of positive outlook , of future. Time for a Nuremberg trial !  Lockdowns and C-19 measures are a crime against humanity! Time to eradicate the present political 'elite" and establish a legitimate order!

If you look at the C-19 razzmatazz especially in Germany and Austria you may only say: COVID is a cult, a very severe mental disorder, a sociopathic behaviour especially "endemic" among politicians, journalists and TV consumers. You know what, go wreck!

Protocol of C-19 madness in Austria:

A new regulation: "Was Zusammenkünfte von Personen aus verschiedenen Haushalten betrifft, wird im Gesetzestext nunmehr dezidiert festgehalten, dass Treffen mit "weniger als fünf Personen aus weniger als drei Haushalten einschließlich sechs minderjähriger Kinder" nicht geregelt werden dürfen." The only kind of meeting free of state regulations are " private meetings of less then 5 adult persons coming from  less than 3 households  plus 6 minors."  Completely gaga and sociopathic!  Is that a joke ?

Austrian policy on C-19 completely gaga. High Court in Vienna for administrative matters rules, that banning demonstrations was unlawful and a sever infringement of fundamental rights and that ".... on the epidemy no valid and evidence based opinions and statements exist."   The tests used are highly unreliable. NOW the state may raise an appeal to the Constitutional Court or an extraordinary appeal to the Supreme administrative Court. Please do it, the Austrian ConCourt is already fed up with politics, they stated in more than one judgement that a lot of C-19 measures are violating the law but politics ignores that. 

Attached the full text of the judgment. 


 The completely headless and panicking minister of health, Rudi Anschober (Angstschieber, fearmonger) is totally overworked and stepped down. for all what he did i wish him the  plague on his neck .Replacement a Dr of Medicine, who is a ultra as far as C-19 measures are concerned and gifted by evolution with a Bolshie politruk  and commissar face. Awful!!
Left Rudi Anschober, right  Wolfgang Mueckenstein